Portal Co-Creator’s Next Game to be Announced at PAX Prime

You remember that crazy little game called Portal which literally flipped everyone’s world upside down when it released? One of the main contributors to the project has moved on to something new, which of course has us highly intrigued.

There’s no doubt that Portal hit the gaming world like a sack of very scientific bricks when it released, and almost no one saw it coming. The critically acclaimed game received incredible amounts of praise for originality, and just being clever in general, making it a good idea to keep an eye on what the creators are doing next. Kim Swift, the project lead for Portal, has since moved on to be a project lead at developer Airtight Games, which previously created Dark Void, which was published by Capcom.

While Dark Void may have been less than stellar, earning a 5/10 here at PSLS, there are still plenty of ways for the developer to learn from past mistakes and capitalize upon them. Square Enix will be publishing Airtight’s next game, and claims that it is “incredibly fascinating and quirky.” They will officially unveil the title on Saturday, at PAX Prime in Seattle, and we’ll of course relay the information as soon as it’s released. Hopefully we’ll see a return of innovation alongside the quirkiness.