Portal Co-creator’s New Game Revealed: Quantum Conundrum

Remember a few days back when we reported that Kim Swift, of Portal fame, is working on a new game? Sure you do, and now we’ve got details and a spiffy little teaser video.

The new game from Airtight Games is called Quantum Conundrum, and it looks like it may please the Portal loving crowd with brain teasers solved from a first person view point. Specifically, it’s a puzzle platforming game which involves manipulating dimensional properties to bend reality and solve problems.

Players will take control of the twelve year old nephew of a genius inventor who’s very intelligence has gotten him trapped in another dimension. As the yet to be named nephew works through the tasks he’ll be able to make use of different dimensions, such as a “fluffy” dimension where objects are much lighter and easily pushed around, allowing the manipulation of previously immobile objects. There will also be dimensions which slow time, reverse gravity, and a fourth one that hasn’t been described.

Quantum Conundrum is currently planned for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC via Steam sometime next year. More information should be available tomorrow night at 7pm when the Square Enix-Airtight Panel will be held at PAX Prime. Quantum Conundrum already looks interesting, so you can bet we’ll let you know more about it then.