Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Screens Display a Remarkable Conversion to Console

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has shown its face for the first time in months, and the latest images prove that conversion from the handheld PSP to the juggernaut PS3 has been extremely successful.

Five screenshots below show off a few of the extremely challenging bosses from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in high-definition for their first time. The images include co-operative play, UI elements, as well as a variety of exquisite armors and weapons.

Capcom recently shared the news that localization of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has been slowed down by Sony’s approval process, and it’s likely that we won’t see it outside of Japan for a while – if ever. The Monster Hunter series has been sorely missed on Sony’s console platform, and this would be a great opportunity to establish an fanbase in Western markets. The PSP has done moderately well with accommodating its intense action-packed style, but the lack of a second analog stick, and limited multiplayer features have kept it from being a major contemporary action game.