Japanese Hardware Sales Show 3DS Riding High, Sony Takes Steps of Its Own

With the PS3 and 3DS price drops both having come into full force, and some big software showing its system-selling power, Japanese hardware sales are looking good – despite the normal summer lull.

The Media Create hardware sales chart for the most recent week is here:

3DS – 105,639

PSP – 40,901

PS3 – 29,666

WII – 18,256

NDS – 8,031

PS2 – 1,789

Xbox 360 – 1,427

The PSP somehow keeps selling respectable numbers: 40 thousand in any other week of the year would have a great chance of being the top spot. In several weeks of the last year – heck, even year and a half – even the PS3’s current figure of 30 thousand would have topped it. Thanks to some big summertime releases such as Atelier Meruru, Yakuza: Of the End, and L.A. Noire, the PS3 sales might be able to stay north of 25 thousand for quite some time. The November release of Ni no Kuni is undoubtedly going to shift some units as well.

Last week was the first in which we saw the results of the 3DS price drop, which had it almost clearing 200k:

3DS – 196,077

PSP – 40,409

PS3 – 20,239

Wii – 19,607

DS – 7,834

Xbox 360 – 1,576

PS2 – 1,513

I’m curious to see how long the 3DS can keep its momentum. The price drop had an obvious effect as its system sales went through the bloody roof, but despite it still being #1, we’re seeing it cooling off at quite a high rate, taking a 90 thousand unit dip.

We’re less than a month away from Tokyo Game Show and getting into the holiday consumerism season, so grab your popcorn. This could get interesting.