PS3 Dominates the Netflix Scene in Less Than Two Years Time

It wasn’t long ago that Sony Computer Entertainment’s main competitor, Microsoft, had an exclusive choke-hold on Netflix. It wasn’t until late 2009 that the extremely popular service found its way to the multimedia device of choice, PlayStation 3. Less than two years later, it’s already dominating the market, and by a reasonable margin.

GigaOM recently posted an elaborate collage of Netflix facts and data, and within the collage was a surprising fact: the PS3 is the dominant device of choice for Netflix streaming. Among more than 450 devices, including mobile phones and Blu-ray players, stands the PS3, the weapon of choice for Netflix users with a massive 30.57% share, which is more than 5% more than the second most popular device. Below are the top three most popular devices used for streaming, along with the current percentages:

The PS3 was able to accomplish such a feat within two-years of becoming compatible with Netflix. Whatever sum of money Microsoft threw at Netflix to keep them exclusive for a few years must have been enormous, because they were missing out on hundreds of thousands if not millions of customers in the process. Lesson learned.