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Netflix’s Castlevania Season 3 Was More Popular Than Season 2, According to Writer

Netflix recently confirmed its Castlevania anime will indeed receive a fourth run. Creator and writer Warren Ellis has shared a confirmation of his own, noting that the team is “on for Season 4.” He additionally shared another interesting tidbit about the series–Season 3 performed surprisingly well on the streaming service. In fact, it outperformed Castlevania’s incredibly popular sophomore effort.

Ellis relayed this information to fans on his personal website, explaining that the creative team recently had an on-call meeting with Netflix. Since the service’s data is protected, Ellis could not divulge many specifics. However, he told fans that for a week in more than 40 countries, Castlevania Season 3 sat comfortably in Netflix’s top 10. This wasn’t just for animation or TV, either. The show’s third run held a top 10 spot across Netflix content in general. An impressive feat.

According to the writer,

Season 3’s popularity was an order of magnitude over that of Season 2, and Season 2 was popular enough to get us Season 3. It turns out Season 3 did, really, shockingly well. Shows tend to show a little attrition in the third season, and it was, quote, “unusual” to see the audience actually rise by a multiple factor.

Ellis went on to say that, as of now, no one “expect[s] too much of a [coronavirus]-related delay.” Still, there is currently no word about when production on the new season will officially begin or when it’s projected to release.

Much of Castlevania Season 3’s popularity can likely be attributed to its more controversial facets, which notably concern sex, death, and some character motivations. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it here. The whole season should most definitely be experienced with little to no outside influence.

[Source: Warren Ellis]