Square Enix Reveals New Game Engine, Titled Luminous Studio

Square Enix has detailed their upcoming game engine, called Luminous Studio, which they will use to power their future titles.

As reported by Impress Watch, and translated by Andriasang, the engine will be similar in structure to the Unreal Engine and Unity engine, with a flexible development process that’s easy to use. Despite being a Japanese project, Square Enix’s Western developers like IO and Crystal Dynamic will be sharing source code and technology, but the developers will still favor their Glacier 2 Engine and CDC Engine respectively.

The Luminous Studio team is apparently placing a lot of emphasis on animation as well as artificial intelligence. The DirectX 11-ready engine will be compatible with PS3, 360 and the PC as well as systems that support programmable shaders (that includes the Vita and the Wii U). The developers are also looking into the Wii, 3DS.

The engine is set to be demoed in late 2012 or early 2013, but a release date hasn’t been announced. Square Enix currently has no plans to license the engine to other publishers or developers.