EA Says the Mirror’s Edge Dream is “Still There”

A Mirror’s Edge sequel may very well be in the works behind closed doors, with EA’s DICE studio once again professing their fondness of the franchise. It certainly is a strange state of affairs, with EA initially stating that Mirror’s Edge 2 was officially canceled. Whatever the state of the follow-up, developer DICE continues to assure fans that it hasn’t forgotten about Faith’s free running adventure.

Speaking in regards to a sequel, creative boss Lars Gustavsson told VG247:

The dream is definitely still there. It’s a game loved by the studio. It’s one of those games where you miss the universe, such as Shadow of the Colossus. I really liked Alan Wake, for example; I miss being in that universe. I miss being in the Mirror’s Edge universe; sometimes I just need to pick up the controller and play a bit, just to be back.

He continued:

Well, who knows what the future brings? But I would really happy to see it out there again.

Mirror’s Edge 2 rumors have been circulating ever since the initial game’s release. Official PlayStation Magazine even ran a story teasing Faith’s return, powered by the graphically impressive Frostbite 2 engine. The original Mirror’s Edge may not have garnered the sales that EA had hoped for, but it seems to have become a cult classic among the gaming community. Hopefully, that may be enough credence for EA to green light a sequel.