Burnout CRASH! is Dated for More Than a Fender Bender

Remember back when Burnout was really cool because it had that awesomely addicting crash mode? Well Criterion Games decided to make a PSN game based on just that mode, and now we know when it’s slamming in the PSN.

Just in case you missed our previous reports on Burnout CRASH!, the new downloadable title from Criterion Games and EA is set to bring back the car crashing destruction we all know and love from classic Burnout games. For better or for worse, it’s getting a few twists to the formula, most obvious of which is the fact that it’s now a top down game. The objectives remain mostly the same however, with the goal being to create an enormous pile up of cars by crashing your vehicle, and building up points to re-explode your vehicle in the hopes of making the accidents even bigger and chaining up more destruction. It’s now been announced the new game will hit both PSN and XBLA on September 20th for $9.99/800 Microsoft Points.

If you’re like me, you’re still sitting there scratching your lack of a beard and wondering why in the world they decided to use a top down mode for this. Putting that sticky fact aside though, there is one new feature which is definitely appealing, online score boards in the form of Criterion’s Autolog. Now players can finally compete in this mode head to head online, and apparently party battles for local play will be available as well. Burnout CRASH! will have 18 different intersections for players to wreak havoc on spread across six levels, three modes to play them in, and plenty of unlockables too. Skeptical or not about the new view, Burnout CRASH! still looks like a lot of fun, so keep it in mind for later this month.