PS3 Demonstrates its Superior Disc Format with Battlefield 3

For the first few years following its public release, the Blu-ray format was shrugged by many due to its high cost and somewhat unnecessary storage size. Years later, we’re beginning to regularly see the benefits of the Blu-ray’s features, particularly with video games. Battlefield 3 is no exception.

Battlefield 3 is going to be a big game, there’s no doubt about it, and so big, in fact, that it’ll take two DVDs with lots of compression to generate enough storage for its monstrous size. As seen in the image below, which was taken by the Japanese Esutero blog, Sony’s competitor will be forced to include two full discs instead of the single Blu-ray that PS3 owners will see.

Many of us haven’t had to switch out discs since the PlayStation One days, and we have Sony’s foresight to thank for that. Blu-ray has done a great job of populating the market after a rough initial start and today is the standard format for full HD video playback.

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