Resistance Series Still Has More Stories to Tell

After three long years of extended development, the latest installment of Insomniac Games PS3 exclusive first person shooter series is finally in shops this week. Resistance 3 tells the story of Joe Capelli, as he makes one final stand to fend off the Chimera invasion of earth. Although Resistance 3 doesn’t end on a cliffhanger and brings closure to the trilogy, writer Jon Paquette feels that there are more potential stories to be told in the Resistance universe.

Speaking in regards to the Resistance 3 ending Paquette told CVG:

At the end of this game it feels like a satisfying ending. I wanted to make sure that when you finished this game there were no cliff-hangers to make you wonder what’s going to happen next. It was really important to me to make it feel like the end of the saga. At the same time it was also important to make sure it felt like part of the saga. The story of Nathan Hale and Joe Capelli spans three games, but at the end of this it feels like that’s one complete story.

Paquette also feels that although Resistance 3 ends the current story arc, there is potential for the franchise to continue:

The franchise is really strong and I think the universe is great to play in. You saw the reveal of Burning Skies [for PS Vita] over at Gamescom and that’s just one example of another game that could be made on a different piece of hardware, with a different main character but in the same universe. I think it’s still fertile ground.

Insomniac has stated that they are not currently planning to develop Resistance 4. It will be interesting to see how a potentially different development team will flesh out the story line. Resistance 3 is available in stores now, and be sure to check out our review if you’re thinking about buying it.