Saints Row: The Third Lights Up the Cyber Battlefield

In Saints Row: The Third the Saints are about to make all kinds of new enemies, as shown by a new trailer depicting their battles with a cyber criminal who suffers from a slight god complex.

Volition has made it readily apparent that they intend to push the bar by making Saints Row: The Third over the top in every way possible, whether that’s through the use of phallic weaponry or obnoxious pedestrian launching vehicles, they don’t plan on holding anything back. It seems that by introducing new enemies they’ve also found an opportunity to explore new visual aesthetics, when the Saints are forced to enter a virtual world to battle new opponents. Enter the Deckers, a group of cyber criminals who have wiped out the Saints bank account, which results in the Saints seeking retribution through a bit of hacking of their own. Unfortunately for the Saints, that also means going up against hacker genius Matt Miller, who has declared himself godlike within his own virtual world.

There’s no doubt that Volition has drawn inspiration from other games and sources of media, so it’s not too surprising that I can’t help but think of another recent movie and game while watching that video. Regardless, Saints Row: The Third is shaping up to be the most ridiculous entry in the series yet, and that can only be a good thing for fans of the franchise. Saints Row: The Third is currently slated to release on November 15th in North America and on November 18th in Europe.