PS3 Nabs Timed Exclusive Battlefield 3 DLC

While timed exclusive DLC is often seen as a questionable business practice, there’s no doubt that grabbing early rights to content can be very successful for platform holders. With Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Fallout 3, Microsoft is generally best known for convincing publishers to give 360 owners DLC before anyone else. This time, however, Sony have partnered with EA to bring PS3 gamers Battlefield 3 DLC first.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand, the first DLC for DICE’s highly anticipated shooter, will be coming to PS3 a week before anywhere else, as will all subsequent expansion packs. The deal might not be as extensive as the month long exclusive contract that Microsoft has for Modern Warfare 3 DLC, but it shows Sony’s increasing focus on signing deals with third party publishers for exclusive content.

Can’t wait until BF3 releases on October 25th? Battlefield‘s open beta will launch on September 29th (two days earlier for Medal of Honor: Limited Edition owners) and will run until October 10th. Set in the war-torn metro tunnels of Paris, the beta will also give players an early look at Battlelog, a free social platform that allows you to tracks stats and see your rewards and medals.

Are you happy that BF3 DLC will be coming to PS3 first, or do you think DICE is mistreating gamers on other platforms? Share your thoughts in the comments below.