Brace Yourself For I Am Alive’s Announcement Trailer

I Am Alive has gone from essentially vaporware, with a change in development teams and no concrete information about the game for a lengthy amount of time, to very much a real product. Now with the ESRB rating it, and some more details trickling out, it really looks like the post-apocalyptic game most people counted down and out is actually going to release this winter.

Below is the trailer, which gives us a description of the main character in a few adjectives. You play as Adam Collins in the wake of a devastating 10.3 earthquake in Chicago that completely levels the entire city. Adam is seen here as:

  • A loner – people are shown pushing him away.
  • A father – he appears to have a child whom he must take care of.
  • A survivor – Adam looks very adept at scaling massive buildings.
  • Hunted – other people try to kill him.
  • Hunter – Adam is seen taking other people down using a variety of weapons.

I Am Alive may have been scaled back when talking about budget, but it has all the looks of a high-caliber title. It still only has a “Winter” release time frame for PSN and XBL, but that will likely change in the near future. Has this trailer persuaded you that I Am Alive will be worth the wait?