Kevin Butler Takes Aim at GameStop Employees… With a Crossbow

The world’s greatest public spokesman, Kevin Butler knows how to give a rousing speech. But he isn’t content with just getting gamers’ and journalists’ hearts pumping, but also the people that sell us Sony’s games. We’ve uncovered a video of KB giving GameStop employees a fantastic show at the Gamestop Manager Conference, and, trust us, it’s worth a watch.

The video presumably starts right after the original Long Live Play video, which ended with Kevin Butler brandishing a crossbow:

John Koller introduces Butler at the retailer’s manager conference, with the VP of Everything once again holding his trusty weapon aloft:

In the six-minute video, Butler reiterates PlayStation’s focus on the true gamer, how they care about the person “that actually reads the backs of the games boxes”.

I think it’s best to end with some words from the man himself:

KB’s going to speak from the heart for a minute. I’m going off the reservation.

Because of guys like Will, sweet, innocent, noob sniping Will, we created Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath, Ratchet and Clank, Sweet Tooth and… the guy from Resistance 3.

Because Will knows, now more than ever, gamers deserve to play – not dumbed down, everyone gets a cookie play – real play, take your adrenaline on a naked horseback ride down the Grand Canyon play. They deserve to play the very best of the best of the best of the best of the best – and then throw back a little Netflix-Hulu chaser just to take the edge off.

That, my friends, is play.

And I won’t rest until every thumb is calloused, and every boyfriend gets owned by his girlfriend, the same way I own stock in freedom.

I’m Kevin Butler, and this is the part where you clap.

Long Live Play.