Bad Company Returning to Battlefield a Real Possibility

Following in the successful footsteps of Battlefield 2, EA changed gears and aimed for the increasingly popular console industry with Bad Company. With Battlefield 3 nearly complete, many have been wondering if Bad Company is just a thing of the past, but EA thinks not.

During an interview with Strategy Informer, Producer Patrick Liu stated that a Bad Company 3 isn’t out of the question in the future of Battlefield. He stated:

Well I don’t know definitely, we don’t have any plans right now, but they are very loveable characters, a lot of the guys at DICE love them so we will probably see them again.

Bad Company and Bad Company 2 were somewhat radical departures from the original Battlefield formula. The maps were smaller, the player limit was dropped dramatically, and the overall direction of the game was aimed more toward simplicity rather than mass. Although Battlefield 3‘s success is uncertain, a third Bad Company is a real possibility, and one that could be decided by sales alone.