Cross Game Chat #57 – PSN Sucks!

This week, we talk about why the PSN totally sucks!…ok, not really, but we will be talking about aspects of the PSN that bother us. Among the long list of things we don’t like are the loading times, organization of the store, the inability to listen to music and surf the store at the same time, and the lack of key features. PSN isn’t the only thing getting hate this week – the guys are divided over whether Sony’s latest commercial is their best yet, or one of the worst ideas Sony has had.

This Week’s News Topics:

  • Long Live Play Commercial Read>>
  • Team Bondi Closing its Doors, Selling off Assets Read>>
  • Tretton Addresses Vita 20MB Data Cap Read>>
  • PlayStation Vita Remote Play Detailed Read>>
  • Ubisoft: We Need to Back Off Annual Assassin’s Creed Titles Read>>
  • Shadows of Damned Developer Talks Disappointment Read>>
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Announced Read>>
  • Yakuza Brings Zombies to West Read>>

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Next week, we have a discussion about game betas. With the problems DICE has been having with the recent Battlefield 3 Beta, we take a look at what a beta should serve as and how developers should release them. If you would like to tell us what parts of the PSN piss you off, or your thoughts on betas, email us at [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. Also, be sure to stop by to watch Josh give a detailed walk through of Dark Souls.

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