Tretton Addresses Vita 20MB Data Cap, “Probably” Based on Partner

Sony Computer Entertainment of America boss Jack Tretton recently spoke out on the recent report that PlayStation Vita 3G downloads will be capped at 20MB, pointing out that the cap will likely be based on their partner and how much data they decide to allow based on the plan.

If the download data cap of 20MB does in fact stick and the limit isn’t lifted in the near future, this could pose some major problems for Sony and their 3G model. With such a severe limit, the reasons for purchasing the 3G enabled model are dwindling. Plus, the fact that they’re partnering with AT&T doesn’t help the situation by any stretch of the imagination.

Tretton told the Arizona Star:

That’s probably based on the partner and the amount of data that they’re going to allow to be fed based on the plan.

A Sony rep responded after the interview, stating that Sony still has yet to officially announce whether or not there will be a data cap.