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Valkyria Chronicles III Cancels Trip to America

Fans of the Valkyria Chronicles series–if there are any fans after Sega shafted the million or so buyers of the first game on PS3 by bringing out the two sequels on PSP–shouldn’t hold their breath for VC3 in North America and Europe, because you will die. You read that right, Sega has announced that it will not be releasing Valkyria Chronicles III to western audiences, making import the only option.

Speaking to Gamespot, Sega team manager of console sales, Hiroshi Seno confirmed that low sales of Valkyria Chronicles II and the PSPs lack of popularity out West are the reason for this decision. This is no surprise as the PSP has never fully hit its stride in America, but it does leave you to wonder just how good the 2nd game might have done on the PlayStation 3, especially after the reception the first title received.

Seno was also asked if the third game would be made downloadable for the Vita, to which he replied that the next time Sega met with Sony, they would make that decision.

Are you surprised by this move, and are you planning on importing?