US PlayStation Vitas to Have 20MB 3G Cap

Back in September, news broke that the Japanese version of the 3G PlayStation Vita would have a 20MB download limit on the 3G network. While products like the iPhone also have a 20 megabyte file size download restriction, many gamers were upset that it would cause problems because downloadable PS Vita games are set to be far larger than iPhone apps – for example, Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be close to 4GB. Sadly, Sony have now confirmed that the same limitations will be set for US 3G Vitas.

At GDC Online, Sony’s Chris Norden confirmed the limit, but said that the 20MB cap comes from Sony’s 3G partner, AT&T, rather than from Sony itself. Back when the Japanese lock was announced, a representative did say that it could be increased in the future, but wouldn’t offer specifics. No limit has been announced for European Vitas, but don’t get your hopes up.

Will this affect your decision to buy a 3G Vita or a Wi-Fi only one? The 3G vita will cost $299, while the Wi-Fi only PlayStation Vita will cost $249.