Uncharted 3 Marketing Campaign SCE UK’s Biggest Ever, Short Film Commissioned

The end of the highest rated trilogy on the PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is top of many gamers’ holiday wish list, but the sad truth is that many PlayStation owners haven’t picked up either of the first two games, and may not even have heard of the franchise. Having sold 8 million copies of the game so far, the series is no pushover, but Sony wants to ensure that the franchise can reach even more gamers, and is set to roll out their largest UK marketing push ever.

Sony UK has launched an impressive £5million ($7.82m) ad campaign to promote Uncharted 3 this Christmas. Talking to MCV, SCE UK senior product manager Ian Vinten said:

This will be the biggest launch in SCE UK’s history, both in terms of ambition, numbers and spend and will be supported by a marketing budget of around £5 million.

To really reach that mass audience at launch we will be running a large outdoor campaign with a number of different premium formats including high quality 48-sheets as well as builds across the country.

The campaign will also include a short documentary film produced by Oscar-winning director Ed Zwick (Last Samurai, Shakespeare in Love) which will be be available digitally and on YouTube. The film, called The Hero’s Journey, will look at what defines a true heroic character and will include interviews with actors and actresses like Diane Kruger (Troy), Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar) and Nolan North (Uncharted, most games).

Uncharted 3 is set to release in the UK on November 2nd, but US gamers will be able to get their hands on it a day earlier, November 1st.