Uncharted 3 Director Plans to Continue Drake’s Story as Long as Fans Wish

With Uncharted 3 set to launch next week, speculation has been circulating around the web as to whether or not more stories for Nathan Drake are on the cards for developer Naughty Dog. According to the game’s director Justin Richmond, more Uncharted is on the way so long as fans want more.

In an interview with OPM, Richmond emphasizes the team’s ongoing commitment to the Uncharted franchise.

There are a ton of Drake adventures out there and we haven’t told all of them yet. As long as fans want the games and as long as we find something that’s interesting and will push the medium forward, we’ll continue to make them.

This is fantastic news for fans of the franchise, as Naughty Dog tends to wrap up their series by the third title, capping it off with a racing game (i.e. Jak X Combat Racing, Crash Team Racing). As long as Naughty Dog doesn’t give us Nathan Drake Racing, the demand for more Uncharted titles is unlikely to die out any time soon.