PlayStation Store Preview – November 1st, 2011: More PS2 Classics

This week, make Medieval Moves with Deadmund, and get initiated into Saint’s Row: The Third. The first Batman: Arkham City DLC hits, and there’s three more PS2 Classics coming to PSN.

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Demo

Saint’s Row: The Third – Initiation Station

Happy Feet 2 Demo

Batman: Arkham City DLC – Nightwing Bundle Pack

Max and the Magic Marker [Full Game and Demo]

DC Universe Online [Free-to-Play]

Hydrophobia Prophecy


Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe [Full Game]

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland [PS2 Classics]

Raiden III [PS2 Classics]

BloodRayne [PS2 Classics]

Arcade Hits: Magical Drop [PSOne Import]

Dezaemon Kids! [PSOne Import]


  • Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

rock-band Rock Band DLC – Breaking Benjamin Pack

  • “Sooner or Later”
  • “Breath” X
  • “Until the End”

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