Ubisoft Registers Rainbow Six: Patriots

A few months ago, Kotaku reported that Ubisoft is hard at work in making a new Rainbow Six game. Many expected Ubisoft to show the game during E3, but it didn’t happen. Some new web domain registrations have surfaced, which gives more credence to the original rumor, and may possibly hint at the name of the new R6.

Fusible is reporting that Ubisoft has registered Rainbow6Patriots.com and RainbowSixPatriots.com web domains, which gives us the first solid clue as to what the game’s official title will be.

Rainbow Six: Patriots is rumored to take place in New York, and feature a storyline that would likely generate a buzz due to similarities in the current “Occupy Wall Street” scenario, albeit much, much more extreme. A home-grown terrorist group is fed up with Wall Street greed, and decides to attack New York City.

The Rainbow Six franchise has been silent since 2008’s release of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.