Four New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Released, New Trailer Coming Later This Month

November 1, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

With GTA V getting a big reveal tomorrow, you might have forgotten that Rockstar is also hard at work on another game, Max Payne 3. To ensure that some of the focus remains on the dark and broody third person shooter, the publisher has released four new screenshots.

The first image shows how certain areas of the environment will trigger the franchise-classic ‘Bullet Time sequence’, which slows down time:

The second image shows how every bullet is individually modeled, which allows for “Bullet Time precision” during battles.

In the third image, we see how enemies react dynamically to where you shoot them:

The final image, which shows a bald Max Payne doing his signature diving move, but now he’s reaching his arm out to brace for impact:

Rockstar Games also teased “much more about Max in the coming weeks and months,” including a new video in November.