November’s Finest: PSLS’ Top Picks

November is a month that is filled to the brim with blockbuster titles that might be a little rough on that wallet your carrying in your back pocket. Thankfully, some of the staff here at PlayStation LifeStyle have decided to fill you in on their 3 must have games come November, which should hopefully help you save some of that green come Christmas time. So without further ado, here our top picks for the three games you must own in November.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception I barely need to even justify this, I mean have you seen our review? The sequel to the greatest game of this generation, Uncharted 3 takes the franchise to the next level. My only worry is that UC3 will ruin the action-adventure genre for me.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I’m not sure when I’m actually going to be able to put the required 100+ hours this game needs to be fully enjoyed, but nothing will stop me exploring every single castle and dungeon in Bethesda’s biggest RPG to date.

Saints Row: The Third With GTA V now a reality, I’m going to need something to take my mind off of that bombshell. Plus, who doesn’t like clubbing civilians to death with a woman’s pleasure tool?


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – The name alone could be explanation enough as to why it’s in my top three games of November. The series is indeed that good, but Uncharted 3 takes the award-winning cinematic experience and polishes it to perfection.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Admittedly, Oblivion was my first time experiencing the vast world of Elder Scrolls. It took me by surprise, and is probably the game I put the most hours into since I picked up my PS3. Skyrim should be bigger, badder, and there’s fucking dragons for Pete’s sake. Knowing how deep the game is both a gift and a curse for me – I can’t wait to play it, but the time needed to complete it is intimidating. But the lure of slaying dragons, is too strong for me to deny.

Rayman: Origins – I’m not a Call of Duty fan, I’m a little sick of Assassin’s Creed, and Saint’s Row isn’t my thing – but there is one game in November that’s probably not on many people’s list, but should be. And that’s Rayman: Origins. Why? Because it’s that classic, side-scrolling, platforming fun that got me into gaming in the first place.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Self-explanatory! Naughty Dog might be focusing a lot more on multiplayer this time around, but the single player campaign still looks solid.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – This looks to be one of the most epic RPGs of all time. Western RPG > JRPG these days.

Saints Row: The Third – At first I couldn’t care less about this game, because the series has always been the “poor man’s GTA.” But after seeing a bunch of previews and trailers it looks like Volition finally got things right. Bring on the senseless, over-the-top, maniacal violence!


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Was there really any question about this one? It looks to continue the strong storytelling and cinematic action that gamers have come to expect from developer Naughty Dog. Toss in a well above average multiplayer and you have a recipe for EPIC.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded – There is a special place in my heart for GoldenEye 007, ever since I spent day after day playing the game with friends on the Nintendo 64. Now that same epic shooter is back, but this time packing extras like PS Move controls, enhanced visuals, and so many more goodies.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – I am not usually one to purchase an HD collection of a series, but when that series happens to be created by a genius like Kojima, I think an exception can be made. Tons of Metal Gear action, plus a PSP game brought over to the PS3, and you have yourself months worth of stealthy fun for a low price.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – This seems like a no brainer for anyone that owns a PS3, and why shouldn’t it be? The Uncharted series has been my biggest surprise on PS3, and has managed to make a PS3 worth owning just to play this franchise. The first time I laid eyes on Uncharted I didn’t know what it was. A gift from one of my parents, I immediately assumed they had been swindled by a sales man as usual, and had little to no expectations for the game. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of the best games on PS3 yet, and would go on to release the epic sequel that I’ve played over more times than I can count. Between the enthralling plot lines, beautiful cinematics, smooth gameplay, great campaign pacing, and the ever addictive multiplayer, Uncharted 3 is set to be a winner, not just for November, but for the year.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Anyone who’s played one of The Elder Scrolls games should already know what to expect from Skyrim, which appears to have improved upon its predecessors in every way possible. Sporting a new game engine this time around, Skyrim is a beautiful and expansive game, and brings us to the climax of the long overarching legend behind The Elder Scrolls. The great dragon god Alduin has been released upon the land along with his minions, letting us fight these relentless beasts for the first time and acquire their powers as they fall. Classically The Elder Scrolls games are full of more choices, customization, story lines, and RPG elements than most games that exist, and if Skyrim lives up to that legacy we can expect to have over 100 hours of gameplay on our hands. The Elder Scrolls is already a fantastic series, and if Skyrim follows the franchise’s trends we can expect to have on of the most expansive single player campaigns yet, packing more value than any other single player game I can name.

Rayman: Origins – Considering some of the other contenders in November, Rayman may seem an odd choice, but this game holds a special place in my book of games. While Assassin’s Creed: Revelations looks great in every respect, with one releasing each year I’m not feeling the need for another, but it should make a good rental. However, we haven’t seen a proper Rayman game in quite awhile, and just like the title implies, it’s returning to the roots of the franchise. With beautiful cartoonish visuals and a 2D sidescrolling perspective, Rayman: Origins embodies everything I loved about the original game (which I still proudly own), and more. Bringing coop play into the mix adds to the fun, along with plenty of new moves and abilities for the unusual hero, as well as plenty of puzzle elements. Call me immature, but sometimes it’s just more fun that way, and Rayman: Origins has me giddy to relive childhood fun in HD glory.


Ni no Kuni – (Note: this comes out in November in Japan, which is where I am so, it counts.) For me, this is hands-down the most interesting game in November. The art of Ghibli, the RPG masterstrokes of Level-5, and a script that puts most JRPGs to shame (judging by the DS version and two demos) have me pumped by beyond reason. The magic book from the DS version has gone digital for PS3, but a physical item is still available to those who pre-order; I cannot describe how tempted I am, despite my total lack of money.

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimOblivion was pretty much my first encounter with this series, since my time with Daggerfall was limited to my doing whatever my annoying know-it-all friend would yell over my shoulder and I only got to watch my neighbor play Morrowind. Then I got my hands on Oblivion at the same time that I bought my PS3 and I was hooked. It’s still hard to stay away from it sometimes, because I know that if I stay “in the zone” for too long, I could easily get addicted again.

Final Fantasy Type-0 – Technically this came out at the tail end of October, but I’m gonna stick in here. This could be a return to form for Final Fantasy, excepting the Kingdom Hearts-style battle system. There’s a big cast of diverse characters and a lot of Final Fantasy staples coming back, like Chocobo breeding and an explorable overworld. The school setting, despite being overused in RPGs lately, is given a bit of a twist in Type-0 which, at least from the demos I’ve dabbled in, makes it forgivable. I’m very interested in seeing how this goes for Square.


Goldeneye 007: Reloaded – I’ve been waiting to dig into this, but flat out refused to get it on a Wii. I don’t often get shooters, so when I do, it’s usually on a fresh pallet with no other game for me to compare it to. Plus it’s based on some game released a long time ago, I heard? Apparently it was awesome.

Sonic Generations – This is literally the only Sonic game I’ve played since ’94 that made me want to keep playing it after the first level. Sega is really trying to prove it’s gone back to its roots to give everyone what they want in a Sonic game, so I’ll give the team the benefit of the doubt. I may walk away extremely disappointed, but at this point in Sonic’s life, that’s not really a new experience. It’s like eating a shit sandwich after your mom told you what she put in it; it’s your own damn fault.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – I have to. Simple as that. Yeah, I’ve played them 12 times, but now I can log trophies and finally play through Peace Walker. Upgrades looked good at E3, and Peace Walker felt nice, so I’m preparing to dig into this until Christmas rolls around.

What are your top picks? Let us know in the comments below.