DICE Exclaims that Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand is a Lot More than a Map Pack

November 5, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Yesterday, EA released their long-awaited trailer for the Back to Karkand DLC that many Battlefield veterans have been waiting for. Perhaps the most impressive part of the minute and a half long video was that it showed a lot more than just a few new maps, and included some classic vehicles and weapons that many were unaware of. DICE has now gone on record to say that Back to Karkand is a lot more than just a map pack.

In a recent interview, DICE’s Exective Producer, Patrick Bach, exclaimed that Battlefield 3‘s first major DLC is more along the lines of an expansion pack, and can be looked at as an entirely new package. He stated:

First of all, it’s more than a map pack. We don’t want to release a few new maps, we want to release a new package.

Bach then continued:

…here you get maps, guns, vehicles, you get a lot more persistent stuff…

Included in the elaborate Back to Karkand pack will be four maps including Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, and the famous Wake Island. There will also be some exclusive new weapons, vehicles, five new trophies, and five additional dog tags. While the new vehicles and weapons look to mix things up a little bit, the four maps included were considered the best that Battlefield 2 ever had to offer, and are classics to many PC gamers. Being able to relive the greatness of these maps with the Frostbite 2 engine is something worth being extremely excited about, and could not only make this DLC a must-have of the holiday season, but can maintain it’s high level of popularity despite having to compete with the record-selling Call of Duty series.

A price tag has not been announced, but it will be available for free to those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3. Back to Karkand will debut sometime in December.