Warp Will Frag Scientists on the PSN This Winter

A new little alien friend by the name of Zero is about to make his debut on the PSN in the new puzzle game, Warp.

Zero is a strange looking little alien, who has been captured by scientists, been experimented upon, and is ready to break out of his confinement. The deceivingly cute creature isn’t as helpless as his captors initially assumed and, unfortunately for them, Zero’s powers can be used in unexpected and brutally gory fashion. Warp has been described as a stealth action puzzle game, which challenges players to help Zero escape the facility by deciding whether to eliminate foes encountered, or find ways to sneak around them. His primary power is the ability to “Warp”, or teleport to different areas, or even inside of other objects like barrels and scientists. Besides being able to teleport into a human and explode them from the inside out for a gory mess, a host of other abilities have been described, which are upgradeable as the game progresses.

Warp: The game’s titular ability, warp is a short-distance teleport that lets Zero move through walls and into objects. Handy for ducking through walls and hiding inside objects, from barrels to human bodies.

Frag: Once inside an object, you can vigorously move the left stick to explode or “frag” your way out, often in a shower of blood and viscera.

Echo: Allows you to create a ghostly decoy of yourself or any object you’re currently warped into. Useful if you want to lure soldiers away from you, or just spook some scientists.

Swap: Acquiring swap allows you to place your echo over an object and instantly trade places with it. This power essentially gives you a much longer warping distance, and is a good way to move objects around. You can also swap objects inside of other objects … as seen in the trailer above.

The developers behind Warp, Trapdoor, have hinted that Zero will gain yet more abilities than these, and he’ll be able to upgrade them by finding cleverly hidden grubs throughout each level. In addition, leaderboards will provide the opportunity to challenge yourself against other friends on the network, and challenge rooms will be available for additional gameplay. Challenge rooms will task players with completing them as quickly as possible, and will also contain additional grubs to be found for making Zero more powerful. Zero already looks he has some threatening abilities, but apparently he’ll really be a force to be reckoned with when fully upgraded.

The puzzle genre often sees new games that are really reiterations of well established mechanics, like the ever popular match 3 games, but the unique mechanics in Warp look like they’ll bring something entirely new to video game puzzling. The PlayStation Network has long been a great place to find successful risk takers, so hopefully Warp will bring us more of that unique fun when it releases this Winter.