PSLS Mini-Interview: Activision Talks Keeping Black Ops Competitive, Battlefield Slogans and CEO Zingers

November 8, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

We caught up with Eric Folliot, Senior Brand Manager at Activision, at the Golden Joystick Awards to talk about all things Call of Duty in a PSLS-exclusive mini-interview. How does the MW3 marketing juggernaut react to Battlefield 3‘s taunts, and is Black Ops still relevant? Find out below.

How do you ensure that Black Ops remains competitive when Modern Warfare 3 comes out?

That’s a tricky question, unexpected. I think the answer I would give is that they are slightly different multiplayers, and I think people will play zombies on Call of Duty and will still play multiplayer on Black Ops because they’ve got their prestige levels and their score. I think Elite will help do that do that as well, Elite will mean that you maintain a profile for both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.

What do you think of Battlefield 3’s tagline: ‘Above and Beyond the Call’?

I’ve not seen that actually, I’ve seen ‘Field of Battle’.

But now what do you think?

Now I think that’s… nice. [Laughs], actually it’s on the back of the Medal of Honor in the US army, that’s what’s engraved on the back of the medal. So that’s probably where they took it from – I can’t imagine why else they would use it [grins].

The Battlefield 3 and MW3 campaign is heating up a lot, what do you think of some of the things the CEOs are saying?

That’s for them to comment on, I’m looking forward to playing Battlefield 3, but I’m looking forward to playing Modern Warfare 3.

Which one more?

Modern Warfare 3 [laughs], I’m run and gun – this is a personal view, I’m not into the big maps and running around for miles. For me, it’s Modern Warfare 3 all the way.