Gotham City Impostors Gets January Release Date

November 10, 2011Written by Tony Wibowo

Batman Arkham City was highly praised for its great single player campaign when it came out a few weeks ago, but some gamers felt that it was missing a multiplayer component. Well, starting on January 10th 2012, everybody will be able to duke it out online in Gotham City Impostors.

The first-person title offers players a unique opportunity to dress up as their favorite character from Gotham City and then battle it out online.

While the release date is not too far off, Warner will offer the opportunity to try the game sooner with a public beta in December. You can go to the game’s site to sign up for the beta. For those of you who bought Batman Arkham City new, you should also have a unique code inside the case that you can redeem for a chance to join the beta.

Warner hasn’t announced the price of the title when it launches next year. How much are you willing to pay to go back to Gotham City?