Skyrim Continues Heritage of Glitches and Bugs

Despite a heavily upgraded engine, Skyrim has been a topic of concern for many consumers today after an overwhelming amount of reported issues affecting all three platforms, PS3 included.

Users are reporting that Skyrim has a frequent issue where menu navigation can become unresponsive, making interaction almost unbearable. FPS drops are also frequent, and mar what is otherwise a beautiful looking game. Outside of visual issues, there are some glitches ranging from quests being unfinishable, enemies teleporting, and audio inconsistencies.

What’s particularly alarming about these reported issues is that a major patch was already released for the game which addressed many others, meaning that it was even more unstable just before launch day. It’s become apparent that the “new” engine for Skyrim, which has been called Creation by Bethesda, is really just a modified version of the notoriously buggy Gamebryo engine after all.

It goes without saying that Bethesda are working on another patch, but with how long it took for Fallout: New Vegas to get the anti-bug treatment, we may be waiting a while.