Fallout: New Vegas Finally Gets Bugs Exterminated in Gargantuan v1.06 Patch

When you look at western RPGs this generation, Bethesda stands out as an orchestrator of success with titles like Oblivion and Fallout 3 garnering acclaim on several platforms. However, last year’s Fallout: New Vegas wasn’t able to capture the same positive light that its predecessors did. The familiarity of the title probably didn’t help, and the long list of game-breaking bugs sure didn’t either.

Over half of a year after releasing on store shelves, Bethesda has released the Fallout: New Vegas v1.06 patch. Weighing in at an unprecedented 293MB, this is one of the largest game patches ever seen, especially when you consider that it’s almost 100% fixes and adjustments. The change log is extremely long, and you can read it over on the Fallout Wikia page.

Many of the fixes included are items that really should’ve been correct before release, or at least close to launch, not nine months later. If you purchased this game around release and encountered some of the frustrating freezing, clipping, and glitches that hindered you from enjoying yourself, now’s your chance to pop the game in and finally finish the experience you paid for.