GameStop Reports Overall Growth, $1.95 Billion in Sales for Q3

November 17, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Gaming retail giant GameStop has shared their numbers from quarter three, and it looks like game sales are only growing stronger with time.

A total of $1.95 billion in sales was reported, marking a 2.5% increase when compared to the same time last year. In addition, digital sales show substantial growth, with a whopping 59% increase year-to-year. Of that total, console digital sales are up 63% while PC content is up 51%.

On the other hand, new game sales are down a negligible 0.6%, bringing in $53.9 million compared to $54.7 million last year. As one might expect, used game sales are showing no sign of slowing down with a 3.1% increase, even in the midst of online passes and the like.

According to a statement from GameStop CEO Paul Raines, capitalizing on the growth of digital content will be crucial going forward.

In the third quarter, GameStop outperformed the market and continued to execute against the long-term strategic plan through additional investments in digital and emerging businesses

We expect that our innovative digital, iDevice and gaming tablet businesses will supplement our leading retail business this holiday.