Cross Game Chat #63 – Skyrim Flaws and Food in Video Games

November 21, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

So, news has gotten out that Rockstar doesn’t want to make a sequel to Bully 2. Listen to hear what the guys think about the revelation, in addition to news about Stuart Black’s new game and SEGA’s annnouncement to revive an old franchise. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, the guys talk about their favorite uses of food in video games. Also listen in for a mini-rant about the flaws in Skyrim.

This Week’s News Topics

  • Rockstar Shelves Plans for Bully 2Read>>
  • PSVita’s available in color cases Read>>
  • SEGA Developing Epic Revival of Beloved IP Read>>
  • Stuart Black’s New Shooter Announced Read>>
  • Square Signs Deal for Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine Read>>
  • Ken Levine not too keen on Bioshock Movie Read>>
  • Sorcery is Still in Development Read>>

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