Cross Game Chat #66 – Batman: Arkham City Vs. Uncharted 3, Which Is Better?

The title says it all; we pit Batman: Arkham City against Uncharted 3. Listen as the guys discuss storytelling, combat, scope, and much more. We’ll let you know which game does a better job, and at the end, we will answer the question, “what game would you buy if you only had enough money for one?” Also, Cross Game Chat now has a phone number that you, the listener, can call to leave a voicemail question for us at 331-222-PSLS (7757).

This Week’s News Topics:

  • Gamestop PS Vita Memory Card Prices Not Official Read>>
  • Vita to Support Multiple Accounts, With Different Memory Cards Read>>
  • Rumor: Dead Rising 3 to Have Illegal Immigrant Zombies Read>>
  • Epic not Working on Vita, Unsure How it Will do it the West Read>>
  • Jaffe Doesn’t Want Online Pass for Twisted Metal Read>>
  • Fumito Ueda Still “Hard at Work” on the Last Guardian Read>>
  • Executive Producer of the Last Guardian Quits to Pursue Facebook Games Read>>


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Next week, we want you to tell us what your most extreme gaming moment was. It could be a midnight launch that was really epic, or maybe you went shopping on Black Friday and got in a fight. If you have any difficult platinum trophies, then that would super extreme! As always, you can email us at [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter, but now you can call us at 331-222-7757. Click on the button below to be directly connected to our voicemail.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

Tales of Innocence

PMC’s Music Pick

Airborne Toxic Event

Eric’s Pick

Sons of Anarchy