Executive Producer of The Last Guardian Quits to Pursue Facebook Games

The Last Guardian seems to be in the news quite a bit lately, with rumors of creator Fumito Ueda’s departure from Sony and continuing to work on the project in a freelance capacity. A translated tweet of Ueda’s claimed he was still “hard at work” on his highly anticipated PS3 exclusive, but didn’t deny the rumor. Unfortunately, though, the game’s executive producer now seems to no longer be working on the project.

IGN UK reports that Executive Producer of The Last Guardian, Yoshifusa Hayama, has left Sony to work on games for Facebook game developer Bossa Games. Hayama will have a Creative Director’s position at the studio. Hayama claimed that the future of games “was definitely online” and that recent developments with Flash 11 may make for console-caliber experiences:

There is no reason why a social game can no longer be as visually stunning and as compelling as the big console titles.

Hayama added:

Together at Bossa we have plans to bring a plethora of games to Facebook and eventually other appropriate social media channels, which include 3D elements and can be enjoyed by all age and interest groups.

If there are any further updates on The Last Guardian‘s status, we’ll keep you posted.