Naughty Dog Hit by Layoffs, The Last of Us Multiplayer Reportedly 'On Ice'

The Last of Us Multiplayer Dev Suggests He’s Still Working on the Game

Naughty Dog developer Vinit Agarwal has suggested that The Last of Us multiplayer game is still kicking, contrary to recent reports. Agarwal dropped the hint in a random tweet about Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which fans have taken as confirmation that the game is alive and well.

The Last of Us Multiplayer has been rumored to be “on ice”

“Yes, I’m still working on that game,” Agarwal mentioned in the tweet below. According to his Twitter bio, he’s working as game director on the multiplayer project.

Since Agarwal isn’t known to be working on any other project, it’s probably safe to assume that he’s casually dismissing reports of TLOU multiplayer’s cancellation.

Developer Naughty Dog recently underwent a round of layoffs followed by reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s push towards live service games has backfired. Insiders further claimed that TLOU multiplayer was in development hell, with one report stating that development is “on ice” while others claimed that the game is all but canceled.

TLOU multiplayer’s development status is anybody’s guess right now but it doesn’t look like the game will be out anytime soon. The last official statement came in June 2022, when Naughty Dog said that it’s still working on the standalone experience.