The Last of Us multiplayer game (Factions)

The Last of Us Multiplayer’s Monetization Designer Departs Amid Cancellation Rumor

Hawk-eyed fans have noticed that The Last of Us multiplayer game‘s principal monetization designer has left Naughty Dog amid rumors of its cancellation. Previously an Epic Games veteran, Anders Howard joined the studio just 11 months ago and departed in September.

Naughty Dog and Sony have not commented on The Last of Us cancellation report

There’s a big question mark over the status of The Last of Us multiplayer. Also known as Factions, the project’s cancellation is reportedly all but confirmed. However, neither Naughty Dog nor Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed or denied these rumors.

We recently found out that Naughty Dog underwent a round of layoffs, following which reports emerged that TLOU multiplayer is officially “on ice.” While we can’t confirm the latter without any official statement, we did see multiple now-former Naughty Dog employees confirm on LinkedIn that they had been laid off.

Reports claim that the positions that were made redundant were contract jobs. It’s unclear if Howard was contracted or employed full-time, but his role of “principal monetization designer” is significant enough to warrant concern from fans that TLOU’s multiplayer is certainly in trouble and probably isn’t going to see the light of day… at least not anytime soon.