Fumito Ueda Still “Hard at Work” on The Last Guardian

A rumor reported by Eurogamer claimed that Fumito Ueda, the creator The Last Guardian as well as PS2 classics ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus, had left Sony and was finishing The Last Guardian in a freelance capacity. A new tweet from Ueda provides an update, albeit one that doesn’t clarify whether or not any part of the rumor is true.

8-4’s John Ricciardi translated a tweet of Ueda’s and posted the following message to Twitter:

Ueda says he’s been getting lots of Q’s lately, but fear not – they’re hard at work on Last Guardian, as always.

Eurogamer’s rumor claimed that Ueda’s alleged departure from Team ICO — saying that Ueda left to work on personal projects — was one of the reasons that development of The Last Guardian has taken so long.

The Last Guardian was announced by Sony, who debuted a trailer for the game at E3 2009. The title still has no firm release date.