Rumor: Dead Rising 3 to Include Swarms of Illegal Immigrant Zombies in California

Do you enjoy killing zombies? More specifically, would you like to see another Dead Rising game? Well you’re in luck assuming you aren’t offended easily. Speculation have been floating around the web about Dead Rising 3, which is certainly in development after seeing the latest post on Dead Rising‘s Official Facebook. But just what will this unannounced title deliver?

Rumors proclaim that the new locale will be California, in a fictional city called Los Perdidos, which will almost certainly be a representation of modern day Los Angeles. Along for the bloody thrill in the United States most debt-drowned state will be millions of zombies who are purpoted to be illegal immigrants, which fits right into the California theme. Best of all, reports indicated that you’ll be able to play as a caucasian man named Rick who has worked many years as an auto mechanic, and is looking to find an escape from the city overrun by non-English speaking zombies.

If these reports are true, then this could be a game that offends a lot of people, and will probably end up on the news. But that isn’t anything that Dead Rising or it’s development team at Capcom are worried about, and we’re surely used to seeing games on the news and waving our fists in the air after seeing it. After all, just like Saints Row, this is a series that thrives on extremes and exclamation points. What better than to throw in some highly controversial political matter into a game that lets you destroy dozens of zombies with chainsaws and oversized cell-phones (as seen in the header image above).

No announcement date is planned, but there’s a very strong possibility that we’ll see the game at this year’s SpikeTV VGAs.