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Konami Puts New Security System in Place to Ward off “Cybercriminals”

November 28, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Ever since the devastating PlayStation Network outage that took the gaming world by storm, other companies have begun to beef up their own levels of cyber-security and Konami is no exception.

To ensure security on their e-Amusement Gate and Konami Style, the company will be using Digipass online security as a preemptive measure. According to Digipass owner Vasco, issues with cybercriminals will likely only get worse.

Cybercriminals have a real economic incentive to acquire online gaming accounts as it offers a good return for relatively low risks.

With fraud statistics on the rise, game developer Konami realized the need to implement a security solution for its community site e-Amusement Gate and its online shopping channel Konami Style.

Mitsuhiro Masanobu, Konami’s IT studio center director also discussed the importance of this decision, making it clear that they are working to provide the most secure experience for their consumers.

At Konami we realize that our customers are our most important assets. Konami continues to strive to provide gaming players around the globe with an enjoyable gaming experience and ‘valuable time’.

While these measures are a step in the right direction, the sad fact is “anybody can get hacked”, something Roger Thompson, the Chief Research Officer for AVG, told us in an exclusive interview earlier in the year.