Name The Enemy Alien Race in FuturLab’s Next Game

With FuturLab having recruited Killzone‘s composer Joris De Man for their upcoming space shooter, the title looks to be one of the most promising PS minis in development. Ahead of the untitled game’s March launch, the developer is offering fans the chance to name an entire alien race from the game.

Can you name the alien race that has descended on the stranded space fleets you play as in the game? If you think you have a great, original name for an alien race, leave a comment on FuturLab’s site.

So far, all that’s been revealed about the aliens is that they fly in formations, shoot at you and have a tendency to swarm:

The winner will also receive a free copy of the game and a bunch of goodies from FuturLab.

If you’ve come up with a great name, let us know in the comments below.