The Last of Us May Have Started Development in 2006

After a mysterious teaser trailer titled The Last of Us was revealed earlier today, we’ve been hard at work trying to work out what will be shown at the VGAs next week. The game, which is possibly set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a killer fungus, now appears to have been in development as early as 2006.

On the YouTube page where the trailer was originally released, we’ve noticed that the account was actually created on July 12th, 2006. With an average development time of 2-3 years, the possibility that the game started months before the PS3’s release (or earlier) suggests that the game could be of a high caliber, and have a high budget. Additionally, this also debunks rumors that the game is in development by SuperBot Entertainment, as the studio was only formed in 2009.

Considering the long development time, it’s amazing that the game has remained a secret, with Geoff Keighley tweeting:

Would you believe there really are secrets still left in the game industry?

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