“Combat Heavy” PS3 Exclusive in the Works From SuperBot Entertainment

Despite being well into its lifespan, the line-up for the PS3 has never been brighter, with a terrific list of exclusives and third party games making 2011 one of the greatest years in gaming. But Sony isn’t content with what’s known to be coming out, and have partnered with yet another developer to bring exclusive games to the PS3.

SuperBot Entertainment are working with Sony Computer Entertainment America on an exclusive PS3 game, according to a job listing posted earlier today:

We are an exclusive developer of Sony Computer Entertainment America and are currently in production of a yet-to-be announced PS3 title.

The listing also gives a hint at what the game is about, with a description of the job’s responsibilities including:

Taking direction from Design leads to create AI for characters within a combat heavy game.

A separate job listing also suggests that the game has an online component:

A strong familiarity with online mode and matchmaking design as they apply to console gaming.

SuperBot Entertainment actually started their life as Broodworks, a second party studio set up by Shannon Studstill, the producer of God of War, back in 2009 that were interested in “medium casual video game development” for the PSP. Studstill later moved back to SCEA and Broodworks changed their name to SuperBot Entertainment, but have since not made any announcements.

SuperBot’s PS3 game adds to the growing list of unannounced PlayStation 3 games, including a game from Patapon developer Pyramid Inc. and a huge Move title from SCEE.