PS Stars PS3 Wonderbook Collectible

How To Unlock the PS Stars PS3 Wonderbook Collectible

PS Stars for December 2022 is now under way, giving subscribers a host of new campaigns to complete and rewards to earn. One of this month’s challenges is “PlayStation & You: Wonderbook,” which allows players to earn the PS3 Wonderbook Collectible. However, it’s likely to be very rare. Here’s how to unlock the PS Stars Wonderbook Collectible on PS5 and PS4.

Unlocking the PS Stars Wonderbook Collectible

To unlock the PS Stars PS3 Wonderbook Collectible, PlayStation Stars subscribers must do the following:

  1. Have owned the Book of Spells game and Wonderbook peripheral on PS3.
  2. Have played the Book of Spells using the Wonderbook while logged into the account they have linked to PS Stars.
  3. Boot up any game on PS5 or PS4.
  4. The Wonderbook collectible will unlock.

This PS Stars Collectible is unlikely to feature in many subscribers’ collections. Though the game may have sold well enough, the requirement for Wonderbook owners to have also signed up for PS Stars and then play a game before the end of December should make this reward quite exclusive.

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