3% of Heavy Rain Players Earned the Platinum Trophy, 65% Saved Shaun

One of the best games of 2010, Heavy Rain was a surprise commercial hit, showing that Sony’s risky move to support not only a new IP, but also a new type of game, had paid off. With a unique choice-based story, Heavy Rain has numerous different endings – but how many people actually finished the game?

Quantic Dream have revealed several interesting statistics to IGN, collected from internet-connected PS3s.

  • 95% Won the first action scene in the game
  • 74% Finished the game
  • 65% Managed to save Shaun
  • 33% Kept every character alive
  • 4% Have seen all the endings
  • 3% Earned the platinum trophy

Additionally, 3 million people have played (not bought) Heavy Rain.

Have you earned the Heavy Rain platinum trophy? If you’re one of the 97% of HR players who hasn’t, be sure to use our trophy guide.