Vita’s Hot Shots Golf Title Shows Charming New Screenshots

Hot Shots Golf, or Everybody’s Golf as it’s known in Europe, is a Sony exclusive series that isn’t mentioned often, but has brought a unique sense of charm to every PlayStation platform starting from the original console. The next release will be for the PlayStation Vita under the title Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, and will take advantage of the handheld’s strong feature set making it an early favorite for the highly-recognized portable device.

The first set of screenshots released since Clap Hanz changed the operating name of the game to include the suffix World Invitation have been released. See below:

Team Ninja, the team made famous for their Ninja Gaiden series, are also working on the project which makes this one of the most anticipated releases in the franchise. With augmented reality support, tons of customization (which can be seen on display in the above screenshots), and the same friendly visuals we’re used to seeing from the series, we expect this to be one of the best launch titles for Vita. Stay tuned for more.