THQ to Announce New Title Later This Month

THQ’s head of core development, Danny Bilson, has teased that a new game will be announced from the publisher later this month. Speaking to AussieGamer at an event to promote the upcoming UFC Undisputed 3, he shared the following tidbit.

We actually have a game we haven’t announced yet and I can’t announce tonight — but we will be around December — that’ll be coming out next year that is also very exciting.

It could be that he is referring to the Spike Videogame Awards, which is just four short days away as the VGAs have quickly become a large platform for publishers to announce new titles. However, publishers do sometimes choose to announce their games simply through press releases, so a VGA reveal isn’t a certainty.

What would you like to see THQ announce? They have The Darkness II, Metro: Last Light, UFC Undisputed 3 and more being released in the next 12 months. It is also possible that this announcement could be the first game from THQ Montreal, which was founded in the Fall of 2010.