Square Enix Shows Reimagined FFXIII Environments in New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

One of the most standout features of a Final Fantasy title is the beautifully created scenery of the environments. Square Enix knows that their fans love their digital artwork and has released a new trailer specifically dedicated to that.

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 called “Environments,” in which they display a number of environments from Final Fantasy XIII reimagined in the game’s sequel. Main characters Noel and Serah (sister of FFXIII protagonist Lightning) will traverse a number of familiar environments from the previous game, although some of them may look very different due to time travel.

Some important points to note from the trailer: the gigantic crystalline structure that will be instantly recognizable to those who played the game through to the end is in. Also, the environments are no longer as narrow as they once were. Square Enix specifically points out in the trailer that there are multiple paths to explore in the game’s environments.

Take a look at the trailer below and check out Square Enix’s detailed environments for their upcoming RPG.