New DmC Stage Demo Video, Trailer Show Combat and Platforming Action

Capcom and Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory are working on a reboot of classic action video game franchise Devil May Cry, DmC. Capcom has released two new videos — a stage demonstration from Tokyo Game Show and a new trailer released today — that show the game’s combat as well as some of its platforming action.

The first video below is the TGS stage demonstration and is called “The Fight.” The video shows Dante and a mysterious female companion walking together before Dante suddenly finds himself inside a world he refers to as “Limbo.” Dante uses number of combat moves, including one that uses a chain to pull enemies towards him so that he can inflict damage. The demo ends with the world tearing itself apart to try to stop Dante from progressing.

The second video, a trailer called “The Escape,” shows Dante narrowly avoiding death and destruction as the world tries to crush him. The final part of the video shows Dante using some platforming skills, including using his chains to help him traverse from area to area. A bit of platforming was seen in the original Devil May Cry for PS2.


DmC is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.